Passing Marks in UP Board and Rules

The UP Board Class 10th & Class 12th board exams are conducted by Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP). Student’s studies for the entire year. Still, during exams, they feel nervous & have fear of board exams. To overcome this, the best solution is to have complete knowledge of Passing Marks in UP Board and Rules.

You never know how the UP Board paper for Intermediate & High School will be. It might be easy or difficult. Therefore, the first thing that you should keep in mind is to solve those questions from where you can easily score the passing marks. After that, you can solve the remaining questions to gain more marks in board exams.

Passing Marks in UP Board Exam

The passing marks rules for UP Board Class 10 & Class 12 are almost the same. However, we have described the passing marks for both i.e UP Board High School & Intermediate separately for your better understanding.

What are the Passing Marks in UP Board High School?

Each state board has its own passing marks criteria. Here you will get to know the passing marks rules of UP Board Class 10.

  1. Students need to score a minimum of 33% marks in high school.
  2. The practical subject marks are also added in preparing the final mark sheet for UP Board Class 10.

Passing Marks Rules for UP Board Class 12

Described below are the minimum marks that you should score to pass the Class 12 of UP Board.

  1. Minimum 35% of marks need to be scored by the Intermediate student of UP Board.
  2. Also, the marks obtained in practical subjects, sports, and physical education are added to prepare the final result of UP board Intermediate.

What to do if you fail In any subject?

If you fail in any subject or is absent in any one or two subjects of UP Board Class 10 & 12 then you need to fill the compartment form & again give the test. Once the result of the UP board exam is out then only the students can fill the compartment form from the UP Board Official portal i.e UPSMP.

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