UP Board Class 4 Textbooks - Maths, EVS and English

Here, in this article we have compiled UP Board Class 4 textbook of Maths, EVS And English, prepared as per the updated syllabus of Class 4. Students should be well versed with their respective textbooks so that they can excel in their exam. UP Board Class 4 textbooks Maths, EVS and English are provided in both English and Hindi medium. Teachers also use the textbook to teach students inside the classroom. The questions asked in the exam are also picked up from the respective subject textbook. So, be through with the textbook of Maths, EVS and English to face the exam with full confidence.

Download PDF For UP Board Class 4 Maths Text Book

UP Board Books For Class 4 Maths (Maths Magic) – English Medium

UP Board Books For Class 4 Maths (गणित का जादू) – Hindi Medium

Download PDF for Class 4 Environmental Studies Text Book

UP Board Books For Class 4 Environmental Studies (Looking Around) – English Medium:

UP Board Books For Class 4 Environmental Studies आस-पास – Hindi Medium:

UP Board Class 4 English Book Marigold

  • Unit 1:
    • Wake Up!
    • Neha’s Alarm Clock
  • Unit 2:
    • Noses
    • The Little Fir Tree
  • Unit 3:
    • Run!
    • Nasruddin’s Aim
  • Unit 4:
    • Why?
    • Alice in Wonderland
  • Unit 5:
    • Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
    • Helen Keller
  • Unit 6:
    • Hiawatha
    • The Scholar’s Mother Tongue
  • Unit 7:
    • A Watering Rhyme
    • The Giving Tree
    • The Donkey
  • Unit 8:
    • Books
    • Going to Buy a Book
  • Unit 9:
    • The Naughty Boy
    • Pinocchio


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