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The Volume of a Square Pyramid Calculator is an online tool that calculates the volume of any square pyramid provided the base length and height of the pyramid. BYJU’S Volume Calculator makes calculations simple and quick. Students can verify the solution of the problems based on the volume of square pyramid in a fraction of seconds using this calculator.

How to use Volume of Square Pyramid Calculator?

Follow the below steps to understand the procedure of calculating volume of square-based pyramid using calculator.

Step 1: Enter the value of square-base length and height of pyramid in the input fields

Step 2: Click on “Solve” button to get the result

Step 3: The volume of square pyramid will appear on the screen

What is Volume of Square Pyramid?

A square pyramid is a regular pyramid that has a base in square shape. The volume of the square pyramid determines the amount of space it occupies. It is equal to one-third of product of square of base length and height of square pyramid.

Volume = 1/3 b2h   [Cubic unit]

where b is the side-length of square base of pyramid

h is the height of square pyramid

Solved Example

If the base-length of a square pyramid is 3cm and its height is 5 cm, then find the volume.

Given, Base length of square pyramid, b = 3cm

Height = 5cm

Volume = 1/3 b2h

V = 1/3  (3)25

V =  15 cu.cm.

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