Compound Adjectives Worksheet

Most people have heard about compound nouns, but compound adjectives might sound a bit uncommon for them. Compound adjectives are much like compound nouns. Students often think that simple adjectives are far easier to understand and solve than compound adjectives. Among all the other types of adjectives, identifying the compound adjectives are the easiest. Students can freely access the compound adjectives worksheet from our BYJU’S website and download them for free and practise to make their concepts clear.

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What are Compound Adjectives?

Just like compound nouns are made up after joining two nouns together, similarly compound adjectives are those adjectives that are formed by joining two or more adjectives together to modify a noun or noun clause. For example, “Ron is a part-time worker.” Here, ‘part-time’ is the compound adjective that modifies the noun. Now the tricky part about compound adjectives is that they are not always made of two singular adjectives. But the combination of words always describes the noun satisfying the work of compound adjectives.

  • Adjective + Past Participle = Dark-haired, deep-fried , old fashioned
  • Adjective + Present Participle = Easy going, time saving, good looking
  • Adjective + Noun = Short term, long-distance
  • Noun + Past Participle = Windblown, sun-dried, sun-baked
  • Noun + Present Participle = mouth watering, eye-catching
  • Noun + Adjective = gluten-free, world-famous

List of Compound Adjectives

The list below will make it easier for students to solve the compound adjectives worksheet. Though there are plenty of compound adjectives and one can easily access the internet to find out more about compound adjectives yet going through this list, the students will find it quite useful.

  • Absent-minded
  • All-consuming
  • Brand-new
  • Narrow-minded
  • Dark-haired
  • Four-foot
  • 6-page
  • Cold-blooded
  • Old-fashioned
  • Eye-catching
  • Good-looking
  • Ice-cold
  • Short-haired
  • Strong-willed
  • Kind-hearted
  • Middle-aged
  • Time-saving
  • Record-breaking
  • Mouthwatering
  • Sunbaked
  • Sun-dried
  • Long-lasting
  • World-famous
  • Dark-coloured

These are a few compound adjectives that children can go through and try to solve the free compound adjectives worksheets.

Do Compound Adjectives Need Hyphens in Between?

Yes, compound adjectives generally come with a hyphen in between, unlike compound nouns. But in some cases, the compound adjectives don’t need a hyphen in between, whereas in some cases hyphen is needed. If the compound adjective is made by combining an adjective and number, then a hyphen is needed. For example, “twentieth-century”. Also, if the compound adjective starts with a superlative, then a hyphen is much needed, for example, “high-stress”.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are compound adjectives?

Compound adjectives are those adjectives that are formed by joining two or more adjectives or other parts of speech together to modify a noun or noun clause.


How to get a compound adjectives worksheet?

The best place to get several compound adjectives worksheets for free and hassle-free download is BYJU’S. Students can easily visit the website and get worksheets on compound adjectives for their practice.

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