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A child usually learns to use or pronounce words, either by seeing pictures or by hearing the sounds. But, there are some words that can’t be taught with the help of sound or pictures. These words help them to read paragraphs or stories later. For example, words like have, there, be, are, etc. These types of words are known as Individual Sight words. And the best possible way to make your child learn these words are through Individual Sight Word activities or by practising Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdf. BYJU’S offers you easy and free downloadable Free Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdfs. When children practise these Free Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdf, it becomes easier for them to read long sentences or short stories without getting stuck.

Download Importance of Individual Sight Words
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Download Importance of Individual Sight Words
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Importance of Individual Sight Words

Many are unaware of the importance of Individual Sight Words; the points mentioned below will help you know how important these worksheets are, for your child.

  • Builds up confidence – if a child stumbles while reading, they gradually develop a strong disliking towards reading. An easy way to build confidence in a child is to make him acquainted with Individual Sight Words. Individual Sight Words make up 50% of any story/paragraph . So if a kid can recognise and read the sight words, he can read more fluently and go through the entire writing, thus boosting his confidence.
  • Helps to understand – When a kindergarten student reads a storybook, he is quite aware of many words. The words that he can read/understand is because he has remembered the sound or the pictures of it. But there are a few words that the kid might face difficulty with; these are generally Individual Sight Words. If the kid practises Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdfs, he can easily understand the entire text. Thus an understandable text allows the child to enjoy reading it, as well.
  • Strengthen concepts of grammar – Many of the sight words are an integral part of grammar lessons. If the kids are made familiar with these words at a young age, then it becomes easy for them to grasp the context for which these words are used. Concepts like Tenses and Verbs become easily understandable for them. So it is essential for parents to make their kids practise Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdf.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Individual Sight Word Worksheets


What are sight words?

Sight words are those that can’t be taught to kids just by showing pictures or using sounds. These words are termed core words in any passage, story or other writings. These words help the kids to better understand the context of the given text.


Are the Individual Sight Word Worksheet pdf helpful?

Of course, the Individual Sight Worksheets pdf is beneficial for your children. At BYJU’S, you will get various Free Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdf which will help your child read texts fluently and understand the meaning.


Where can I find free worksheets to start with?

If you are looking for Free Individual Sight Word Worksheets pdf, BYJU’S is the stop for you. You can easily find and download free worksheets for your kid here.

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