Nouns and Verbs Worksheet

Nouns and verbs are essential, as well as elementary chapters of English grammar. These chapters are introduced to students when they are in their primary classes. These chapters play a very crucial role in developing the concept of nouns and verbs at a young age. There are various nouns and verbs worksheets available on BYJU’S website. These worksheets are made in a manner so that students develop a basic understanding of these concepts.

Nouns and Verbs Worksheet:-Download PDF

Nouns and Verbs Worksheet PDF:-Download PDF


Nouns are probably the first chapter that any primary class kid reads. The simple definition of a noun is “A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place or thing.” i.e., nouns can be described as naming words. For example, “King Soloman was a wise king”. Here, King Soloman and king are nouns, i.e. names of the person. Nouns can be divided into five main categories. You can find a number of nouns and verbs worksheets to practise from, at BYJU’S website.

  • Common Nouns – Common nouns refer to the generalised names of persons, animals/birds, places and things, which means there’s no particular name given. For example, “The lady is buying fruits”. Here, the lady and fruits are examples of common nouns.
  • Proper Nouns – Proper nouns refer to the particular names of persons, animals/birds, places and things. For example, “Jesus Christ was born to Mother Mary.” Here, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary are the specific names of people.
  • Collective Nouns – Collective nouns refer to those nouns where a group/number of persons, places, animals/birds or things are referred to as one. For example, “The army marched towards the camp”. Here, the army is the collective noun.
  • Concrete Nouns – Concrete Nouns are those types of nouns that refer to persons or things that have physical existence/structure and are perceived by all the five senses. For example, “The table is made of wood”. Here, the table is a concrete noun as it has a physical presence.
  • Abstract Nouns – Abstract nouns are those types of nouns that don’t have any definite structure or physical presence. They generally refer to emotions, ideas, feelings, concepts etc. For example, “The theft took place near our house”. Here, theft is an example of an abstract noun.


The simplest definition of verbs is “Verb is a word that tells something about a person or thing”. That is, verbs can be termed action words. For example, “My dad cooks breakfast for us”. Here, cooks is the verb. Verbs can be classified into two parts, i.e. the main verb and the helping verbs.

  • Main Verb – Main verbs are those verbs that can be used independently. For example, come, work, go, cry etc.
  • Auxiliary Verb – Helping (auxiliary verb) are those verbs that are used to help the other verbs to form their tenses, mood, voices.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are nouns?

Nouns are naming words, i.e. denoting names of persons, things, animals and places.


What are verbs?

Verbs are those words that denote the actions of the person or thing.

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