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Present tense is a verb form used to express an action happening at the moment. The formula to form a present tense is the sentence starts with a ‘Noun‘, followed by a ‘Verb’ in its base form, and an ‘Object’ (optional). To learn this easily, kids can practise the present tense worksheets available at BYJU’S. The importance of practising the present tense worksheet pdf for kids is that it helps to improve their spelling, vocabulary and speaking skills. The free present tense worksheet helps them develop these skills to learn from their mistakes and learn how to avoid them in the future. To improve your kids’ skills in learning the correct tenses, you must introduce them to the tenses worksheet.

What is a Present Tense?

A present tense verb is used to describe an action or state happening at the moment. It is a way of saying that something is occurring now.

Also, refer to the simple present tense worksheet.

Examples of Present Tense in a Sentence

  • Tara writes poems.
  • I am going to Africa.
  • Ariana loves to sing.
  • Bill has given the amount to Gill.
  • Daphne is coming home.

What are the Types of Present Tense?

The present tense is classified into four types, namely,

  • Simple Present Tense
  • Present Continuous Tense
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Also, refer to the present continuous tense worksheetA Detailed List of Printable Present Tense Worksheet for Kids

The importance of practising present tense worksheets for kids is that it helps children learn the correct use of verbs and adjectives. They also help them improve their reading comprehension skills by practising some of the most common words in English. When children read, they should distinguish between different verb tenses. Here is a list of BYJU’S present tense worksheet pdf for kids.

Present Tense Worksheet PdfDownload PDF

Free Present Tense WorksheetDownload PDF

How to Form the Present Tense?

In the present tense, the regular form of the verbs uses their root forms apart from the third person singular (ending in -s). To learn more about this and help kids master this topic, provide them with present tense worksheets. Here are a few points on how to form the present tense.

Singular Form

  • First-person singular: I sing
  • Second-person singular: You sing
  • Third-person singular: He/she/it sings (ending in ‑s)

Plural Form

  • First-person plural: We sing
  • Second-person plural: You sing
  • Third-person plural: They sing

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Frequently Asked Questions on Present Tense Worksheet


What is the present tense?

A present tense verb is used to describe an action or state happening at the moment. It is a way of saying that something is occurring now.


What are the types of the present tense?

The four types of present tense are simple present tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense and present perfect continuous tense.


How to form the plural form of the present tense?

We can form the plural form of the present tense by removing the ‘s’ from the singular form. Examples: first-person plural: we sing, second-person plural: you sing, third-person plural: they sing.

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