Subject Pronouns Worksheet

Object pronouns worksheet plays a vital role in helping children understand object pronouns. An object pronoun is a pronoun that replaces a noun in a given sentence. Provide kids with BYJU’S object pronouns worksheet pdf and support them learn effectively. Object pronouns worksheet with answers is an excellent tool to keep the little ones engaged in learning and improving their vocabulary. Also, it helps kids understand the meaning of an object pronoun and identification of the same. Pronouns are a part of speech that substitutes a noun in a sentence. To learn more about the pronouns, click on the pronouns worksheet available at BYJU’S.

What is an Object Pronoun?

An object pronoun is a pronoun that replaces a noun in a sentence. Object pronouns are referred to as objective pronouns. Provide the object pronoun worksheet for kids to practise and learn.

Activity to Identify Object Pronouns

Here are some classic samples to help kids identify object pronouns.

  • Shelly got up. She wanted to go for a walk.
  • Ram moved out of the house and he met the Rao’s.
  • They said it was nice to meet Shelly.
  • Ram said goodbye to the Rao’s and told me all about it.


  • She (subject pronoun – replaces Shelly)
  • He (subject pronoun – replaces Ram), it (object pronoun – replaces store)
  • They (subject pronoun – replaces the Rao’s)
  • She (subject pronoun – replaces Shelly), it (object pronoun – the walk and a meeting with the Rao’s)

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A Detailed List of Free Object Pronouns Worksheet for Kids

Here is a list of BYJU’S free object pronouns worksheets for the little ones to learn. These object pronouns worksheet pdf are available in both printable and pdf formats.

Printable Subject Pronouns Worksheet:-Download PDF

Free Object Pronouns Worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a subject pronoun?

A subject pronoun is a pronoun that replaces the subject in a given sentence. The subject and object pronouns are necessary for building a sentence; however, they cannot be interchanged.


What are the examples of a subject pronoun?

The examples of a subject pronoun are I, you, it, he, she, we and they.


Why is it important to provide the little ones with the subject pronoun worksheets?

It is vital to provide the little ones with the subject pronoun worksheets because they help kids develop their vocabulary and build meaningful sentences. Also, the subject pronouns worksheets help kids to have an idea of how and when to use them. Moreover, these vocabulary worksheets are engaging and interactive to help the kids enjoy their learning.


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