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Standard Form of the equation of a straight line: Ax + By = C

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x + y =

y-intercept: (0, )

The Y Intercept Calculator an online tool which shows Y Intercept for the given input. Byju's Y Intercept Calculator is a tool
which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number. The Y-intercept calculator is used to calculate the intercept of any given straight line, or the point at which the line cuts the Y-axis when its equation is given in terms of its x and y coefficients.
For any given line segment with the equation Ax+By=C, the intercept is calculated by putting the value of x equal to zero, since when the line cuts the y axis, the abscissa becomes zero. Putting the value of x = 0, the equation we get is as followswe obtain,
Here y is the intercept of the line segment given by the equation Ax+By=C, which is the ordinate of the point which lies on the Y-axis.
Byju’s Y-intercept calculator is an online tool which makes the calculation of the Y-intercept for any line segment whose equation is known, easier. Here, the inputs to the calculator, the coefficients of the equation are entered as inputs into the input tabs. Upon hitting the ‘solve’ button, the value of the Y-intercept is evaluated using the above relation between the coefficients and the result is displayed in the output tab within seconds.
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