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Formula : Y = sst 

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The Young’s Modulus Calculator an online tool which shows Young’s Modulus for the given input. Byju’s Young’s Modulus Calculator is a tool
which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number. The young’s modulus calculator is used to calculate the Young’s modulus of any material when the stress acting on it is known along with the resulting strain in its body.
The Young’s modulus is calculated using the relation between the total stress and the resulting strain due to forces acting on the body, given as under,
Here, Y is the Young’s modulus measured in the units of N/m2 or Pascal, ST is the stress acting on the object at any point measured in the units of N/m2 or Pascal and Sn is the strain resulting from this stress which has no units.
Here stress is measuresd as the total force acting per unit area and strain as the ratio of the total deformation or change to the initial dimension, be it length, area or volume.
Byju’s Young’s modulus calculator is an online tool which makes the calculation of the Young’s modulus of any object being acted upon by a fixed force easier. Here, the inputs to the calculator, the stress acting on the object and the resulting strain are entered as inputs into the input tabs. The third input tab is for the Young’s modulus, which is filled with a random value x. Upon hitting the ‘calculate the unknown’ button, the value of the Young’s modulus is evaluated and the result is displayed in the output tab within seconds.
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