Zinc Bromide Formula

Zinc Bromide Chemical Formula

Zinc Bromide is a hygroscopic compound that is easily soluble in water. The zinc bromide forms di-hydrate as ZnBr2 · 2H2O. It is used in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid and also an electrolyte in the zinc bromide battery. It also used as a transparent film shield against radiations. Let us know more about the chemical composition and various other details of Zinc Bromide.

Chemical Formula Br2Zn
Molecular Weight 225.188 g/mol
Chemical Name Zinc dibromide, dibromozinc and Zinc(II) bromide
Melting Point 394 °C
Solubility in water 697 °C

Zinc Bromide Structural Formula

Zinc bromide is a non-flammable chemical component. It has zinc with +2 charge and bromide ion of -1 charge. The structural formula of zinc bromide is as shown below in the diagram.

Zinc Bromide Structural Formula

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