Zinc Iodide Formula

Zinc Iodide is a chemical compound made of zinc and iodine having a molecular formula ZnI2. It is a white solid that readily absorbs water from the atmosphere. It can be manufactured directly by the reaction of zinc and iodine while refluxing ether. In this short piece of article, let us learn more about the zinc iodide formula, its properties, chemical structure and uses.

Zinc Iodide Properties

Properties of Zinc Iodide
Name Zinc Iodide
Appearance White powder
Chemical Formula ZnI2
Melting Point 446 °C
Boiling Point 1,150 °C
Density 4.74 g/cm³
Molar Mass 319.22 g/mol

Zinc Iodide Chemical Structure

Zinc Iodide Formula

Zinc Iodide Uses

  • Used as a stain in electron microscopy
  • Used as an X-ray opaque penetrant in industrial radiography
  • Used as a catalyst in the conversion of methanol to triptane

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