Acetaldehyde Formula

Knowing the Acetaldehyde formula will simply help students understand a lot of information about the compound itself. Acetaldehyde is an organic compound usually in a liquid state which is colourless, highly flammable with a suffocating smell. It is also an important precursor during organic synthesis, especially by acting as an electrophile. Some of the common uses of acetaldehyde are in the preparation of acetic acid or perfumes, dyes, flavouring agent, etc. It is also known as Ethanal.

Acetaldehyde Chemical Formula

The formula of acetaldehyde is given as CH3CHO or C2H4O. This chemical compound usually contains two carbon atoms with five single bonds and one carbon-oxygen double bond.

Formula C2H4O or CH3CHO
Molar Mass 44.053 g·mol-1
Density 788 kg/m3
Melting Point −123.37 °C
Boiling Point 20.2 °C

Acetaldehyde Structural Formula

The structural formula of acetaldehyde can be viewed below.

Acetaldehyde Structural Formula

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