SEBA Board Class 8

The Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA) is the regulatory body which is responsible for the supervision of Class 8 exam & Secondary exam in Assam state. SEBA is a state-level authority for conducting examinations similar to the other state boards. Students SEBA Board should know what they will be going to study in entire journey of Class 8. Based on your goal you should make a study plan. To help you with this we have provided the important information of SEBA Board Class 8 below. To know the details click on the link.

SEBA Board Class 8 Syllabus

SEBA Board Class 8 syllabus provided here is in accordance to SEBA Board. Students should refer to syllabus while preparing for exam. The syllabus of SEBA Board Class 8 Maths and Science help students to understand the concepts that they will study for that particular academic year. Even teachers refer to the syllabus while preparing final question paper of the subject. It provides information about course structure, unit wise mark distribution, duration, projects, assignments, etc.

SEBA Board Class 8 Books

Class 8 books of SEBA Board are designed by referring to syllabus of SEBA Board. While preparing for exam students should refer to their respective subject wise textbook. These textbooks are considered as a vital resource to clear their doubts. It provides solved as well as unsolved exercise questions for students to practise. SEBA Board Class 8 books explains every concept in a simple and easier language for students to understand difficult concepts.

SEBA Board Class 8 Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year question years of SEBA Board Class 8 will help students to get an idea about question paper pattern, marking scheme, important questions, etc. Practising these previous year questions of Maths and Science will gain their self-confidence level and get them the feel of real question paper. SEBA Board Class 8 previous year question papers is a valuable study material while preparing for exam.

Functions & Responsibilities of SEBA

The main functions of SEBA are listed below:

  1. Conducting examinations of all schools affiliated to Assam Board.
  2. Providing assurance of quality education in Assam state.
  3. Designing the Syllabus, curriculum & textbooks.
  4. To undertake investigations, studies and surveys related to educational matters.
  5. SEBA organize the training for the teachers of Secondary Schools.


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