SEBA Board Class 8 Books

Assam Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) has designed the curriculum of SEBA Class 8 by giving preference to children’s learning. And thus the board is working on the goal of making the student’s school life linked to life outside the school. By this, students of SEBA Class 8 will starts taking interest in their studies.

SEBA Board Class 8 Books

The table below shows SEBA Board Class 8 Science textbook and SEBA Class 8 Maths textbook. Click on the link to download the books for SEBA 8th standard.

SEBA Board Class 8 Science Book
SEBA Board Class 8 Maths Book

Features of SEBA Board Class 8 Textbook

Some of the features of SEBA Class 8 books are:

  1. These Class 8 books are based on the curriculum & academic standard as per the SEBA.
  2. Books are being written by a team of experienced teachers & professors after deep research.
  3. The chapters in the SEBA Class 8 textbooks are arranged in such a way that students can pay interest to all curricular areas during the course of study.
  4. Class 8 books consist of colourful pictures & diagrams. Also, the readable font size will help the students to adopt the content without giving much stress on eyes.

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