AHSEC Board Class 11

Set up in June 1 of the year 1984, the AHSEC (Assam Higher Secondary Education Council) is responsible for preparing the scheme of studies, syllabus, instruction manual for teachers, the course details, textbooks, board question papers and so on for the higher secondary school or college. They also have the power to modify the syllabus and course of study as when they feel like. The Education Council will also conduct examinations to evaluate a student’s performance in the classes, based on the course they have taken. AHSEC Class 11 is a significant year for the students, which lays the basis for further studies.

For students of AHSEC Board mandatory attendance of 75% is required for each class of the subject they have taken, if they’re to be allowed to take the final exams. Meanwhile, for private student, the attendance should be 60%.

AHSEC Board Class 11 Study materials

AHSEC Board Class 11 Syllabus
AHSEC Board Class 11 Books
AHSEC Board Class 11 Previous year Question Paper

Why Learn AHSEC Class 11?

Class 11 is highly significant for a student’s life because it is part of the senior year for him. AHSEC Class 11 is also a time when most students of Assam State get more serious about the future career and start planning for it. So, obviously it is also the year when most students decide to specialize in a subject. It is the time for students to concentrate on a stream of their choice, ranging from Maths, Science and Commerce to Arts. Higher secondary students after their 12th board exams can also do the competitive exams and then join for professional courses such as engineering, medical or architecture or so, as per their interest.

How to do well in Class 11 AHSEC Board?

Acing for the exams of Class 11 AHSEC is easy if you follow these easy tips:

  • Follow strict time-table, but leave room for relaxing in between studies
  • Always write the exam with a relaxed mind
  • Rest well and listen to music to refresh your mind
  • Let study holidays before exams be for revision rather than studying for the exams
  • Prepare for exams well ahead of time

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