Assam Class 11 Syllabus

Class 11 Syllabus is pivotal for students as it gives them a definite introduction to the course ahead with proper breakup of the topics and concepts coming under each subject. Assam Higher Secondary Education First Year include different streams such as arts, commerce, science and maths also consisting of varied subjects and languages. Each class will have different subjects depending on the stream that a student selects and each subject will have separate syllabus dedicated to it.

A Higher secondary student of the Assam council will have to study specified subjects as under English, Modern Indian Language and any of the elective subjects from under the science, arts or commerce stream. A good syllabus will keep in mind the evolving face of education and student requirement, thus leaving more space for evolving. The syllabus is also crafted by subject experts with the aim to propagate the cultural and intellectual growth of students.

Invite Assam Class 11 Students to the Course

  • What is the course about? What is it for? -These questions are answered with a syllabus
  • Describe and educate students about course content goals
  • Rationale behind creating the homework, assignment or project
  • Grading process clearly assessing how its done
  • Details of resources and other educational materials including supplementary book details

If you take an overview of the entire Class 11 Assam Syllabus, the details will be approximately as follows. Some of the electives forming part of the Arts stream are economic, history, political science, logic, anthropology, sociology, psychology, Classic languages(Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit), Mathematics, Home Science and so. At the same time the electives forming part of the commerce stream consist of business studies, banking, insurance, computer science, statistics and more. And the electives normally considered as part of science stream includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Home Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Bio-technology and so on.

Syllabus for Assam Class 11

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