AHSEC Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus

The main aim of AHSEC Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus is not just to emphasize on old concepts and topics covered during earlier classes, but to also expose the students to new topics, which will help them get a strong foundation in Biology. This will help them at a later stage when they want to pursue higher studies or go ahead with a career where the focus is on biology. The AHSEC Board Class 11 syllabus of Biology will give a clear and concise idea to the students, by organizing the concepts with a proper flow.

Download AHSEC Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus PDF

During the academic year, students of Class 11 AHSEC Board will get ample opportunity to appreciate and learn the basic concepts of Biology with the help of the biology syllabus.

Unit No Units Name
1 Diversity of Living Organisms
2 Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals
3 Cell: Structure and Function
4 Plant Physiology
5 Human Physiology

Scope of AHSEC Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus

  • Syllabus helps to propagate the significance of Class 11 Biology
  • Help you to know the concepts of biology better
  • Encourage students to learn more about the developing concepts of biology and its relevance to one’s life
  • Generate extra awareness about the environmental issues and other branches of Biology

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