Assam Board (AHSEC) Class 12 Syllabus

The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council is the main governing body that is focused on promoting quality education to the learners of +2 classes. With an aim to help the learners achieve a suitable academic atmosphere and get the best education, the board further designs an effective learning process incorporating the most relevant curriculum and the syllabus. In fact, the board is always engaged this continuous and time-demanding process to keep the students well acquainted with the rapid changes and development in the education space.

Here, students will find AHSEC Board Class 12 syllabus which they can download and use it to develop an effective preparation strategy. The subject-wise syllabus given here provides a complete overview of the content present in subjects like physics, maths, biology and chemistry. Students will also find a lot of other information which will be helpful for them. These are the updated syllabus for Class 12 as prescribed by the AHSEC Board.

AHSEC Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus
AHSEC Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus
AHSEC Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus
AHSEC Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

Keeping conformity with the National Curriculum Framework, 2005 (NCF-2005), the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council works in updating and revision of the syllabus all subjects of different academic streams. Like many of the state boards in India, in order to maintain uniformity with the national education standard and offer a bigger platform to its learners, the Council has adopted 14 subjects from NCERT. This measure was implemented from the academic session 2010-2011.

Benefits of Knowing The Syllabus

Students who gain a clear understanding of the AHSEC Board Class 12 syllabus will be at an advantage compared to others who don’t go through the syllabus. Getting a complete overview of the syllabus will not help students study more productively but they can reap some great benefits like;

  • Better understanding and knowledge of each subject.
  • Get an idea of the important topics to focus on.
  • Learn about the marking scheme and time allotment in solving the question papers.
  • Get to know the main objectives of the people who set the questions.

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