SEBA Board Class 6

SEBA Board Class 6 is very crucial for students as it helps students to prepare their bases for higher education. The topics covered in Assam Board Class 6 are primarily focussed to prepared students for the next class.  The curriculum of Class 6 is prescribed by SEBA Board. For various subjects, the board formed a committee of skilled subject matter experts, who is responsible for designing the curriculum. The committee designs full-fledged textbooks and syllabus for Class 6 students. The syllabus is well-strategized which help students to get immersive and interactive learning. So, knowing proper syllabus and guidelines are very important for better preparation.

SEBA Board Class 6 Subjects

The mentioned-below subjects need to be studied by SEBA Board Class 6 students. Students will be scored based on these subjects. The concepts they will learn from the following subjects will help them to understand the concepts of higher classes.

Language (L2) (Same L1 vernacular prescribed for vernacular medium school (region-based)
English (L1)
Sanskrit (L4)  as optional as per learner’s choice along with Hindi L3 (50%) for all medium)
Hindi (L3)
Social Science

SEBA Board Class 6 Syllabus

The syllabus of SEBA Board Class 6 is prescribed by SEBA Board. It covers the entire course structure, unit-wise marks distributions, duration of period, etc. Students are advised to go through their respective subjectwise syllabus to fetch more marks in exam. Teachers also refer to syllabus while preparing final question paper. The syllabus is well-structured so that students don’t get confused while preparing for the final exam. The syllabus of Maths and Science help students to know the topics they will study in that particular academic session.

SEBA Board Class 6 Textbooks

SEBA Board Class 6 textbooks of Maths and Science are prescribed by SEBA Board. The textbook elaborately explains all concepts mentioned in the syllabus in an easy and simple manner. Students should be thorough with their textbooks so that they can attempt all questions in Class 6 exam. For exam purpose, SEBA Board Class 6 textbooks is the best resource to refer to clear doubts. Practice questions are provided for students at the end of each chapter and solving it will help them to strengthen their concepts.


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