Class 10 SEBA revised syllabus

Syllabus gives a structure to any topic, organizing a chapter without a syllabus looks incomplete. For years, syllabus has been used by teachers alone as a document to put out their teachings. It is only in the recent past that it dawned on students to develop a habit of using syllabus while learning. This has proven to be an excellent strategy as they evidently are soaring high on success with its usage.

It is important for every student to know about the syllabus before starting their exam preparations, as it helps students to plan their preparations accordingly to meet their expectations. We at BYJU’S aims to deliver students with all the necessary support and allow them to prove their talent by performing best in their examination.

Significance of using syllabus

  • Provides a framework, shapes path for its contents to flow
  • Lays expectations from a particular topic
  • Offers learning outcomes
  • Extra information on resources to be referenced
  • Scope for further study of a topic
  • Reduces anxiety amongst students regarding a chapter
  • Gives an idea about the time in which a topic needs to be covered
  • Helps in neglecting the not so important topic from the point of view of examinations

Click on the links for syllabus by Assam seba board for Class 10:

Students can also download other study materials and resources for hslc assam from here.

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