SEBA Board Class 10

Class 10 is considered as a turning-point in a student’s life. This phase of life shapes the future of students for their next successive years. This is the stage where a student sits for their first board exam. Marks obtained in Class 10 SEBA Board exam is a deciding factor in the future of the students. HSLC Assam thus lays the huge stepping stone for their educational path, as most of the concepts introduced in class is discussed further at length in higher classes.

We at BYJU’S have provided syllabus, model papers, textbooks and previous year question papers for SEBA Board Class 10 students. Students can access all necessary study materials of HSLC Assam for free provided in downloadable PDF format. SEBA Board Class 10 is an important stage in a student’s education life.

SEBA Board Class 10 Subjects

SEBA Board Class 10 students need to study the below-mentioned subjects for that particular academic session. Students will score high marks based on the subjects provided below. These subjects are important to study to pass their SEBA board exam. We have mentioned the list of compulsory as well as elective subjects for SEBA students.

Subject Details Marks
First Language Any one of the following Languages (MIL) : Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Bodo, Urdu, Manipuri, Nepali, Khasi, Garo, Mizo, Hmar. 


English(IL) and any one of the following In Lieu Languages: Assamese (IL), Bengali (IL), Hindi(IL) Manipuri(IL), Bodo(IL), Santhali(IL), (For Karbi Anglong & Dima Hasao districts.)



Second Language  English 100
General Science 100
General Mathematics 100
Social Science 100
Elective Subjects Advanced Mathematics (E), Geography (E), History (E), Sanskrit (E), Arabic (E), Persian (E), Santhali (E), Computer Science (E), Fine Arts (E), Music (E), Dance (E), Home Science (E), Woodcraft (E), Garment Designing (E), Weaving and Textile Design (E), Assamese (E), Bengali (E), Hindi (E), Bodo (E), Manipuri (E), IT/ITeS NSQF (E), Retail Trade NSQF (E), Agriculture & Horticulture NSQF (E) Tourism & Hospitality NSQF (E), Health Care NSQF (E), and Private Security NSQF(E). 100

SEBA Board Class 10 Syllabus

The SEBA Board Class 10 Syllabus clearly states what it expects from a student, thus giving him an open mind to explore in that area. This not only makes learning simpler but also reduces much of our time and energy looking for information from all possible sources. Communicates clearly about the learning methodologies by students and pedagogical design by the teachers to be followed. It makes one think in the direction of examination right from its inception. It moves in a step by step manner enabling students to keep up with a chapter on a daily basis without having to fret over it as in the case of last-minute studying.

SEBA Board  Class 10 Textbooks

Textbooks are a student’s best friend in his/her academic life. It is that resource which provides information just in the right amount and passes by without letting students know that it has conveyed information in the most effective manner. The SEBA Board Class 10 textbooks are being revised these days to include information that are relevant in such an engaging manner with many fun activities, puzzles, quizzes, class activities, seminars and assignments under various topics. Also provided are exercise questions drawing attention of students towards important key points to remember from the chapter.

SEBA Board Class 10 Maths Textbook
SEBA Board Class 10 Science Textbook

SEBA Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers

Question papers are also offered as you browse through this article. It is often overlooked by students to solve papers. Amount of exposure a student gets after solving these papers is immense. It a great tool to assess your own performance and gives insight into your own preparation. So that way, you could gauge your pluses and work on the area in which you are finding difficulties.

Other resources for the AHSEC and HSLC Assam to be found at BYJU’S includes the links given in the table below:


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