SEBA Class 10 Textbook (2018 -19)

A textbook is one of the most important and vital tools in a student’s academic life. It essentially has all the information a student would want to acquire knowledge about from examination point of view. These books have been prescribed by the board of Assam after their education committee takes hues from research and development team involved in the academic sphere. These books aim at promoting a student’s learning ability by including information in the most engaging way possible. It develops a drive in students to self study thus encouraging students to see textbooks not as part of curriculum alone and come up with interesting and imaginative thoughts and hence their subsequent questions making sessions challenging.

The themes in textbooks have extreme clarity. It also conveys to the reader what it can expect from the textbook at every step making it student-friendly. The best part about textbooks are the fact that they are so comprehensible that it does not require the aid of a subject literate. It also provides progressive learning concepts, inculcating advanced vocabulary and concepts eventually, which clearly states the aim of the textbook. Provides strong idea about keywords, textbooks hints at the keywords by highlighting or setting it in bold, further simplifying it for the students.

A textbook is developed keeping in mind few of these points:

  • Bridging needs to be given between what has been covered in the previous year and how well the performance of a student was
  • Language needs to be flawless and comprehensible without any ambiguity
  • New concepts need to be introduced by relevant analogies
  • Each concept needs to be aided by analogies of different kinds and situations to make understanding by students from all possible dimensions easier to prepare him for all types of application questions during examinations
  • Ask students to come up with their own set of questions for a given chunk of topic
  • Reward children in different ways for coming up with innovative answers
  • A textbook should be visibly attractive
  • Fun activities and flip class concepts towards the end
  • Exercise questions especially in mathematics should be solved, guiding students to solve problems in one of those ways

A chapter in a textbook is always introduced in a fun way, with relevant topics directing attention of students towards the chapter. This way a student gets an idea of why they study a topic and find its relevance interesting and worth spending time on. These books also summarize chapters in the most appealing way possible, drawing focus at just the right place. This is the reason why experts advise students to take up the backward to front approach while studying a new chapter.

Click here to download mathematics & science textbooks for SEBA Class X prescribed by the Assam Board for the academic year 2018-19:

SEBA Class X Mathematics Textbook

SEBA Class X Science Textbook

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