SEBA Class 10 Textbook

A textbook is one of the most important and vital tools in a student’s academic life. It essentially has all the information a student would want to acquire knowledge about from examination point of view. These books have been prescribed by SEBA Board after their education committee takes hues from research and development team involved in the academic sphere. These books aim at promoting a student’s learning ability by including information in the most engaging way possible. It develops a drive in students to self-study thus encouraging students to see textbooks, not as part of curriculum alone and come up with interesting and imaginative thoughts and hence their subsequent questions making sessions challenging.

Click here to download Mathematics and Science textbooks for SEBA Board Class 10.

SEBA Class 10 Mathematics Textbook
SEBA Class 10 Science Textbook

The textbooks of SEBA Board Class 10 Maths and Science are published by The Assam State Textbook Production and Publication Corporation Ltd. SEBA Board follows NCERT curriculum and these textbooks are updated as per the syllabus prescribed by Board. Students of Class 10 should follow prescribed textbooks while preparing for exam. Even teachers refer to the respective subject textbook while preparing the final question paper. The best part about textbooks are the fact that they are so comprehensible that it does not require the aid of a subject literate. Textbooks of Class 10 Maths and Science are prepared by referring to SEBA Board Class 10 syllabus.


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