SEBA Board Class 9

Class 9 in the state of Assam adheres to Secondary Education Board of Assam commonly known as SEBA. The board endeavours to develop, supervise, regulate and promote quality primary and secondary education in the territory of the state of Assam. SEBA strives hard in spreading its objective of delivering standard knowledge to students. This state-level authority was established during the year 1962 under the Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961. The board attained autonomous status under Governmental Board of School Education.

As mentioned earlier Class 9 curriculum is prescribed by SEBA. To promulgate prime objective of the board, the board formed a committee of skilled subject matter experts from various subject background. This committee assists SEBA in designing curriculum. Thus, SEBA has come up with full-fledged syllabus and textbooks. Along with theory, textbooks comprise of practicals. This addition in curriculum supports students in digesting concepts easily.

SEBA Board Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9 syllabus is prescribed by SEBA Board which contains complete course structure, distribution of marks, duration of period, projects, assignments, etc. Students should go through the syllabus before they start their academic session. Going through it will help them to get an overview of the topics and sub-topics they need to learn for the respective subjects. Even the exam paper will be set by referring to the syllabus.

SEBA Board Class 9 Textbooks

Textbook plays an important role while preparing for exam. Class 9 textbooks of SEBA Board are designed according to syllabus and covers all necessary topics. Students should be thorough with their respective subject-based textbooks so that they can attempt the final exam paper with full confidence. Having a thorough knowledge of the textbook will make them attempt any tricky or difficult questions asked in exam.

SEBA Board Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year question papers of Class 9 will give students an idea about exam pattern, marking scheme, important questions, etc. solving these question papers will help them to monitor their speed, accuracy and performance. Students should practice these question papers once they complete their syllabus. By doing so, they get to know where they stand in terms of preparation and can re-check whether they have missed any topic.


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