Assam board (SEBA) class 9 - Mathematics and Science Question papers

Question papers are inseparable part of study plan. They are the complete guide for examination. Major part of student population thinks that previous year question papers are of no use, unfortunately it’s a myth! In practical sense these question papers are the keys to face examinations fearlessly.

Examinations of Assam board(SEBA) class 9 is supervised by Board of Secondary Education, Assam, In short SEBA. The board incorporate committees of subject experts at various levels. The question papers for class 9 under SEBA are set by these members of this committee in coherence to the pattern prescribed by the board.

SEBA Class 9 Mathematics holds total of 100 marks. The 100 marks are distributed into Internal assessment part and Theory part. Internal assessment comprises of Practical part and Project part sharing total of 10 marks/100 marks. Here Practical work takes 07marks/10 marks and project work takes 03marks/10marks. Whereas theory part shares remaining lion’s share of 90marks/100marks.

Similarly SEBA Class 9 General Science carries a sum of 100 marks. This is divided into Internal Assessment Part and Theory Part. Internal Assessment carries 10 marks and Theory part carries remaining 90 marks. Internal Assessment is further classified into three categories.

1. Teachers activity : 2 marks (Here teacher evaluate student when she/he demonstrates)

2. Students activity : 3 marks, 3 marks (comprises of Activity and record book)

3. Collection of Charts/Models/ Specimen : 2 marks

The final examinations are conducted for three hours. Student has to obtain a minimum of 30/100 marks(27/90 from Theory part + 3/10 in Internal Assessment) to get promoted to next standards.

Follow the link below to get Assam board (SEBA) class 9 Mathematics and Science Question papers:

Assam board (SEBA) class 9 Mathematics Question papers

Assam board (SEBA) class 9 Science Question papers

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