Highest Mark Student Can Get In IBPS Po Interview

Candidates who are qualified in the IBPS PO bank examination are preparing for the final selection process that is the IBPS PO interview. Nowadays the most commonly asked question by the aspirants is: what is the highest mark a student can get in the IBPS PO interview?

Because the cutoff marks vary from person to person and it is completely based on the category of the candidate, in most of the cases they won’t reject the candidates who appear in the interview after qualifying in the final examination. However, in some cases because of the category of the candidate they may be rejected.

You can find the complete details regarding the cut off marks, and also we give you with guidance to crack the IBPS PO interview:

So here you need to concentrate more on the cut off marks based on the category. There are cutoff marks for different categories, just gain the knowledge regarding the qualifying marks so that there would be no problem for you during the last stage of the selection process.

  1. The final selection of the candidate is based on the Mains examination weightage and the marks obtained in the Interview.
  2. The weightage of the marks is like 80:20. The Mains examination marks are scaled to the 80 and the Interview marks are scaled to 20. So in this way the marks are calculated.
  3. The Mains examination marks around 200 and out of which you need to get around 80 marks and the Interview marks are around 100 and you need to get 40 marks out of 100.
  4. The minimum qualifying marks for the personal interview is 40 out of 100 for the general category candidates and the marks obtained to be 35 out of 100 for the other category candidates.
  5. The cutoff marks are generally depended upon the states and the overall cutoff is out of 100 which is around 47.5 to 49.5. This is for the general category candidates.
  6. For example, a candidate got around 100 marks in his Mains examination then this 100 can be reduced to 40 out of 80 and then he needs to score more 9 marks out of 20 which gives the 45 marks out of 100.
  7. If a candidate scored 110 marks in his Mains examination then he need not worry about the cutoff. If he scores around 40 marks in the personal interview, he will get the Bank PO Job.
  8. If the candidate scored 90 marks in the Mains examination then the minimum marks he should get is 60-65 marks out of 100.
  9. In any case, if the candidate gets only the qualified marks, for example, it may be 76 marks then in the personal interview, he should get 85 to 90 marks.  Only then the candidate can get the Bank PO Job.

Below we will give the table regarding the cutoffs marks in the personal interview section:

In the case of the category wise, the cutoffs are given below

Category of the candidates Cutoff mark
General 76
OBC 76
SC 50
ST 47.75

Now the cutoff marks depending upon the marks obtained in the Mains examination

Marks obtained in the Mains examination Marks need to be scored in the personal interview
120 There is no need to worry. Minimum of 40 marks is needed to get in the interview.
110 More than 45 marks in the interview
90 60 to 65 marks in the interview
76 85 to 90 marks in the interview

To give you a clear view, based on the marks we can say whether the candidate is selected or not for the IBPS PO post. The overview of the selection process is based on the marks and the performance of the candidate and it as completely four cases.

  1. If a candidate scored highest marks in the Mains examination and the performance of the candidate is good in the Interview then he will be selected for sure.
  2. If the candidate has scored only the average mark and the performance is good enough in the Interview then we can still say that there are good chances that the candidate can get selected.
  3. If the candidate has scored average marks in both the Exam and Interview, then it is tough to get selected.
  4. If the candidate scored highest marks in the Mains examination and his performance is below average then it is tough to get selected.

Finally, the selection process of the candidates completely depends on two factors:

  1. The Primary factor depends upon the performance of the candidate: if the candidate’s performance is good enough then the candidate must be able to answer the questions properly. Then he will be selected. If his performance is average then you can expect the average marks in the Interview.
  2. Depends on the interviewer:  Again it depends on the interview there are two cases they are: when the interview is good then there will be a good impact on the marks which will lead to scoring good marks. If the interview was average then also there good enough chances to get select in the personal interview.

Hope this information is helpful for you and if you are willing to know more information then visit Byju’s.

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