Biology MCQs for Class 12 Chapter-wise with Answers

Biology has always been a fascinating field of study. With the paramount amount of information we have, there is yet so much to be known to us and discovered/invented. However, when it comes to covering and studying this vast subject, it always seems to take a toll on students’ interests.

To ease it out for students, we have collated all the questions possible that are covered under a chapter, links to which are provided on this page. Solving these questions aids students to better understand concepts and recall learnt concepts while solving. The study material provided here is well-structured and framed by academic professionals at BYJU’S, carefully mapped to the Biology syllabus for Class 12.

Students of Class 12 particularly, compared to others, tend to be stressed out given the fact that most students appear for competitive examinations after their board examinations. While the format of both these tests may differ, the concepts more or less remain the same. To a great extent, solving these MCQs with answers provided here simplifies learning. Practise these Biology MCQs for Class 12 provided with answers and tabulated chapter-wise, and take your preparation notches higher.

Chapter-wise Biology Questions with Answers for Class 12

Class 12

Unit VI


Unit VII

Genetics And Evolution


Biology In Human Welfare

Unit IX


Unit X


Hope this benefits and simplifies your preparation for examinations. Visit BYJU’S for related information and content.

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