Biology Root Words For -phil

Greek Root: philia (φιλία)

Meaning: Love/ Affection/ Affinity

Examples of Root Words with “-phil”

  • Acidophile

    An acidophile is an organism that thrives in highly acidic environments (pH levels of 2.0 or below).

  • Alkaliphile

    Alkaliphiles are organisms that thrive in alkaline-rich environments (pH levels between 8.5 to 11)

  • Cryophile (Cryo= Extreme Cold)

    Cryophiles are organisms that thrive in very low-temperature environments (usually between -20°C to 10°C)

  • Halophile (Salt-loving)

    Halophiles are organisms that thrive in high salt concentrations.

  • Psammophile

    Psammophiles are organisms that can thrive in dry, sandy areas such as the Arabian Peninsula.

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