Bones of the Ankle

The ankle comprises 3 bones:

  • Talus
  • Tibia
  • Fibula

Bones of the Ankle

Following are the functions and descriptions of the ankle bones:


Talus also called the ankle bone, is the bone that makes up the lower part of the ankle. It is located between the fibula, tibia and heel bone. The talus rests upon the calcaneus or the heel bone; and together, they make up the subtalar joint.


The tibia is also called the shin bone. This bone makes up the inside of the ankle joint. Moreover, the tibia is much stronger than the fibula.


The fibula is about the same length as the tibia, but much thinner. It runs parallel to the tibia and is quite important for stability and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bones of the Ankle

What are the bones of the ankle?

The ankle is primarily made up of 3 bones – The Tibia, fibula, and talus.

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