Deficiency Symptoms In Plants

What is Deficiency?

Deficiency is the lack of something or the conditions which fail to meet the requirement. Like humans and animals, plants also work in quite the same process. Yes, plants too need nutrients to sustain themselves like every other living being. They get most of these nutrients from the soil. But if the supply of this primary element is reduced or inadequate, plant growth is stunted and retarded.

Deficiency in Plants

Diagram of Deficiency Symptoms In Plants

The absence of any element necessary for the nourishment of that particular plant will lead to morphological changes, this change is an indication of a deficiency.

Of course, if the deficient element is provided to the plant in good time, the symptoms of deficiency disappear. However, if the process is delayed, eventually the plant will die.

Symptoms of Deficiency in Plants

As the supply of essential nutrients is reduced, then the plants exhibit a particular symptom which differs from plant to plant.

In certain cases,

  1. If the deficiency elements are relatively mobile like Nitrogen, then the first deficiency symptom appears in the older tissues of the plant and then followed by the younger tissues.
  2. If the deficiency elements are relatively immobile and are not transported out of the mature organs, then the first symptoms tend to appear in the younger tissues and then followed by the older tissues.

The deficiency symptoms are varied and include, stunted plant growth, premature fall of leaves and buds, yellowing of leaves, etc. These symptoms could be caused due to the lack of both micronutrients and macronutrients in plants.

There are a few essential minerals required for plant’s growth and development. Hence, the deficiency of such essential minerals, namely – iron, nitrogen, manganese, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, results in deficiency symptoms

It must also be kept in mind that different plants respond to different deficiencies, differently.

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