Difference Between Glottis and Epiglottis

Glottis and epiglottis situated in the pharynx protect the airway while swallowing food. The glottis is the narrowest part of the larynx and opens into the airway. Vocal cords make lateral borders of it. Epiglottis, a leaf-shaped cartilaginous flap, prevents the food to enter the airway passage of the respiratory system while swallowing. While swallowing the larynx muscles contract and cause upward movement of the glottis and downward movement of the epiglottis. In this article, we look at the various differences between glottis and epiglottis.

Glottis vs Epiglottis

Difference Between Glottis and Epiglottis

Glottis Epiglottis
Glottis opens into the airway Epiglottis forms the superior border of the glottis
The size of the glottis is responsible for the voice type. The size of the epiglottis is not responsible for the voice type.
While swallowing glottis moves upward While swallowing, epiglottis moves downwards.

The glottis opens into the windpipe and is responsible for the production of sound. While the epiglottis is a cartilaginous flap on top of the glottis that prevents the food from entering the larynx. The main difference between glottis and epiglottis is their function and structure.

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