Effects Of Air Pollution On Environment

The effects of air pollution on the environment are disastrous. However, air pollution has been around before man evolved – in the form of forest fires and volcanic eruptions. The environmental crisis that we know today, began only with anthropogenically introduced air pollution. Ever since the use of coal began, greenhouse gases began to accumulate in the atmosphere. This has a negative impact on the planet, which consequently affects all life too.

Effects of air pollution can manifest themselves in different ways. It can occur as smog or as acid rain. Today, even second-hand cigarette smoke is considered air pollution. Nonetheless, the effects of this pollution are dire.

What are the Effects of Air Pollution on the Environment?

  • Ecosystems can become imbalanced from air pollution
  • Pollution particulates eventually fall back to earth, contaminating the soil
  • Air pollution creates acid rain, which can damage plants.
  • Acid rain also changes soil chemistry, which can alter plant growth.
  • Animals also get affected by air pollution – reproduction may get damaged, and reproductive anomalies may occur.
  • Furthermore, air pollution can also cause health and respiratory issues for animals.
  • Air pollution is also one of the major causes of global warming
  • Global warming can also lead to more destructive natural calamities such as storms and cyclones.
  • Burning certain substances may release potentially carcinogenic substances.

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