Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health

Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health is very alarming. There are many diseases that can bring about a host of potentially fatal illnesses. From chronic bronchitis to lung cancer, air pollution has the potential to raise the risk of illness.

Air pollution and its link to the respiratory system is quite obvious. However, air pollution is also known to affect the circulatory system and the nervous system. When particular matter enters the nasal cavity, the lining ger irritated and the body may mistake it for an infection, This causes an inflammatory response, which can result in the exacerbation of any pre-existing conditions.

What are the Effects of Air Pollution On Human Health

  • Human health is also severely affected by particulates in the atmosphere. The particulates can cause nasal irritation and swelling. It can also cause a running nose.
  • Air pollution is also linked to lung damage and limited lung function
  • Air pollution can also have an inflammatory effect on the heart – it can elevate blood pressure and aggravate pre-existing conditions of the heart.
  • The risk of death significantly increases with long term exposure to polluted air. For instance, people susceptible to heart diseases are at higher risk.

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