Bones of the Hand

There are 27 bones in the human hand (excluding sesamoid bone)

The human hand is made up of 27 bones, which fall into specific “categories”:

  • Phalanges (x14 bones)
    • Distal phalanges (x5 bones)
    • Proximal phalanges (x5 bones)
    • Intermediate phalanges (x4 bones)
  • Metacarpals (x5 bones)
    • Metacarpal I – (x1 bone) Thumb
    • Metacarpal II – (x1 bone) Index finger
    • Metacarpal III – (x1 bone) Middle finger
    • Metacarpal IV – (x1 bone) Ring finger
    • Metacarpal V – (x1 bone) Little finger
  • Carpals (x8 bones)
    • Proximal Row
      • Lunate (x1 bone)
      • Triquetrum (x1 bone)
      • Scaphoid (x1 bone)
      • Pisiform (x1 bone)
    • Distal Row
      • Capitate (x1 bone)
      • Hamate (x1 bone)
      • Trapezoid (x1 bone)
      • Trapezium (x1 bone)

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