Pollination by Snails

Pollination by animals is called malacophily

Pollination is an essential process for flowering plants to reproduce. Since most flowering plants are unable to pollinate on their own, they have to rely on other animals. Usually, invertebrates such as honey bees and butterflies are responsible for pollinating a vast majority of flowering plants. However, invertebrates like snails also facilitate the process of pollination.

How Snails Help In Pollination

Of the many animals which aid in pollination, snails are usually the last animals to be thought of as pollinators. However, research shows that snails in fact, do help with pollination, though it is a rare and obscure phenomenon (Khoisnam Sarma et al.)

The research showed that the snail species Lamellaxis gracilis pollinates Volvulopsis nummularium, which belongs to the morning glory/ sweet potato family. Interestingly, this plant is also pollinated by bees, however, on rainy days, the aforementioned snail species is the exclusive pollinator of the plant.

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