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A seed is a tiny, embryonic plant, embedded within a shield or a cover type layer called the seed coat, usually with some preserved food. The main parts of a seed are endosperm, seed coat and an embryo.

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Let’s learn about Radicle – A part of the seed embryo.

What is Radicle?

Radicle is defined as the embryonic root of the plant, which develops into the future root of the plant. It is the first part of the embryo to develop into the root system of plants. These embryonic roots grow deep into the soil and absorb all the essential minerals, water and other nutrients required for their growth and development.

Based on the direction of the plant’s growth and development, the radicle is further classified into:

1. Antitropous

The growth of radicle away from the helium of the seed is called the Antitropous.

2. Syntropous

The growth of radicle towards the helium of the seed is called the Syntropous.

Functions of Radicle

  • Radicle is capable of absorbing water from the soil, which is required for the development of the embryonic plant.
  • Radicle absorbs water and nutrients and supplies to the leaves for starting photosynthesis.

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Features of Radicle

  1. Radicle is whitish in colour.
  2. Radicle develops into the root system of the new plant.
  3. Radicle is positively geotropism, as it moves towards the soil.
  4. Radicle is positively hydrotropic, as it moves towards the moisture.
  5. Radicle is negatively phototropic, as it grows away from the sunlight.
  6. Radicle is the parts of the plant embryo, which is found inside the seed.
  7. During the germination of the seed, the radicle is developed first through the micropyle of the seed.
  8. The newly developed radicle is protected by a root cap and the radicle functions by absorption and transportation of water and nutrients for further growth and development of the new plant.

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This article concludes an introduction to radicle. To know more about radicle, its structure, functions, other related topics and important questions on seed formation, seed germination and parts of seeds, keep visiting our website at BYJU’S Biology.

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