What are the 22 Bones of The Skull

The skull is made up of 22 bones as well as a plethora of cartilage and ligaments. Except for the mandible, all other bones of the skull are joined together.

Skull Bone Anatomy

The bones of the skull can be divided into 2 main segments:

  • Cranial bones (8)
  • Facial skeletal bones (14)

List of Cranial Bones

Following are the list of neurocranial bones

  • Ethmoid -1x
  • Frontal -1x
  • Occipital -1x
  • Parietal -2x
  • Sphenoid-1x
  • Temporal -2x

List of Facial Bones

Following are the list of facial skeletal bones

  • Inferior nasal concha -2x
  • Lacrimal -2x
  • Mandible -1x
  • Maxilla -2x
  • Nasal -2x
  • Platine -2x
  • Vomer -1x
  • Zygomatic -2x

Additional Note:

If the auditory ossicles (Bones in the ears) are also included, then the number of bones in the skull is 28:

List of Ear Bones (Auditory Ossicles)

Following are the list of bones in the ear

Incus -2x

Malleus -2x

Stapes -2x

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