BITSAT Exam Pattern 2023 - Check Paper Pattern Here

The BITSAT 2023 exam pattern has been made available by BITS Pilani at The BITSAT 2023 exam pattern must be consulted by students studying for the BITS Admission Test in order to become familiar with the format of the test.

The BITSAT exam pattern 2023 includes information on BITSAT, including the time allotted for the exam, the format, the amount of questions, the scoring system, and more. Students must also check the BITSAT syllabus 2023 in addition to the pattern. Students will be better able to pass the BITSAT 2023 exam by understanding the exam format. On the official website, the BITSAT exam dates for 2023 have been made public. The exam session is divided into four parts: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English and Logical Reasoning (part D). To learn more about the BITSAT exam pattern 2023, read the entire article.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2023

On the official website, the administration has posted the BITSAT 2023 exam schedule. Students will be able to become familiar with the format of the BITS admission examination in 2023 with the aid of the BITSAT exam pattern for 2023. Therefore, it is suggested that candidates review it before starting their study process.

Particulars Details
Exam Mode Computer-Based Exam
Exam duration 3 hours
Medium of Exam English
Sections Part I – Physics (30 questions)

Part II – Chemistry (30 questions)

Part III – English Proficiency (10 questions) and Logical Reasoning (20 questions)

Part IV – Mathematics/Biology (40 questions)


Type of Questions

Total Number of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

130 Questions

Marking Scheme There will be 3 marks awarded for each right response. For each erroneous response, one mark will be subtracted, and questions that are not attempted will receive no credit.

BISAT 2023: Number of questions

There will be a total of 130 questions on the BITSAT 2023 exam. There are as following number of questions in each section:

Division Subject Number of questions
Part 1 Physics 30
Part 2 Chemistry 30
Part 3 English Proficiency

Logical Reasoning



Part 4 Maths 40
Total 130

BITSAT 2023 Marking Scheme

BITS Pilani will use a scoring system to choose the most qualified applicants. The BITSAT 2023 exam pattern’s marking policy will govern how the marks are given out. Here is the scoring system.

  • Each Correct Answer: +3 Marks
  • Each Incorrect Answer: -1 Mark
  • Unattempted Questions: 0 Mark
  • Medium of Exam: English

Highlights of the BITSAT Exam Pattern for 2023

  • Each component of BITSAT 2023 has unlimited time. Any of the candidate’s 130 responses can be changed by going back and doing so.
  • If there is still time after answering all 130 questions (without skipping a single one), the candidate may attempt 12 (twelve) additional questions. Only four questions from each part of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology will make up the additional questions. The candidate cannot go back and correct any of the 130 questions they had already answered once they had chosen the extra questions.
  • A good student should be able to answer 130 questions in 180 minutes based on how the BITSAT paper’s questions are structured. Highly deserving applicants will have a chance to score higher with the additional questions (up to 12 total). Candidates should be aware that there is negative marking for incorrect responses and that attempting to answer the questions only based on a pure guess will not likely yield any benefits and may instead result in a worse overall score.
  • A day after the test, candidates will be able to access their scores online. The results can also be printed out.

Frequently asked questions on BITSAT Exam Pattern 2023


How many questions will there be in total based on the BITSAT 2023 exam format?

The BITSAT 2023 exam will include a total of 130 questions.


What format will the BITSAT 2023 exam be in?

The BITSAT 2023 exam will be delivered online, is the response (Computer Based Test).


Where can I find the BITSAT 2023 exam schedule in detail?

The BITSAT 2023 exam blueprint and brochure will be made available by the authorities on the website.


How many questions will be asked in the mathematics part of the BITSAT 2023?

There will be a total of 40 questions in the Mathematics part of the BITSAT 2023 exam.


How many questions will be asked in the Chemistry section of the BITSAT 2023?

There will be a total of 30 questions on the Chemistry section of the BITSAT in 2023.


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