Bleaching Powder Formula

Bleaching powder formula (bleach) or Calcium hypochlorite formula is explained here along with its structure. It should be noted that calcium hypochlorite is the is the main ingredient of bleaching powder which is an inorganic compound and thus, both are often used synonymously.

Calcium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Formula

In bleaching powder, there are 2 chlorine atoms out of which one is bonded to the calcium atoms and the other to the oxygen. The molecular mass of it is 142.98 g/mol. The structural formula of bleaching powder or calcium hypochlorite is given as-

Bleaching Powder Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula of Bleaching Powder (Calcium Hypochlorite)


Bleaching Powder Structural Formula

Bleaching Powder Structural Formula

Bleaching powder is soluble in water and is used as a bleaching agent in textile industries. It is also used as an oxidizing agent and a disinfectant in many industries. It should also be noted that bleaching powder is synthesized by the reacting chlorine gas on dry slaked lime i.e. Ca(OH)2.

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