Chemistry Revision Notes for Class 12 Chapter 2 Solutions

Homogeneous mixtures of two or more than two components are called solutions. In the year 1986, Francois Marte a French chemist proposed a law. The law states that the mole fraction of a solute component is proportional to its partial pressure. Based on Raoult’s law the liquid-liquid solutions are classified into two solutions:

  • Ideal solutions are the solutions which obey Raoult’s law
  • Non-Ideal solutions are the solutions which do not obey Raoult’s law

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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions
Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions

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Practise This Question

In the following questions two Statement-1 (Assertion) and Statement-2 (Reason) are provided. Each questions has 4 choices (a), (b), (c) and (d) for its answer, out of which ONLY ONE is correct. Mark your responses from the following options:
Statement- 1: 1-Butene on reaction with HBr in the presence of a peroxide produces 1-bromobutane.
Statement- 2: It involves the formation of a primary radical.