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Summary of Packing

Chapter 7 of the Class 9 English textbook – Beehive, consists of a prose – Packing that is a story of three friends who are busy packing their luggage, while they get ready to set out on a journey. CBSE Class 9 students can read the prose summary in the form of CBSE English Notes Class 9 here. The summary of the prose CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – Packing has been provided below to help students have a detailed understanding of the chapter and refer to it while revising for their exams.

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CBSE Class 9 English Packing Summary

Packing is an extract from the book “Three Men in a Boat” written by Jerome K. Jerome. This book is a boating holiday account of three friends – Jerome, the author and his two friends – Harris and George. Packing is particularly that section of the book where the author along with his friends are busy in the tedious work of packing just before they set off for their journey. As Jerome, George and Harris are ready to set out on a boat journey, they begin with packing their bags.

Jerome, the narrator is the one who explains his experiences of packing. He is pretty confident about his packing skills as he mentions that he can handle loading his stuff into his bag on his own. In reality, he simply wants to monitor his friends while they are engaged in the packing session and make them work under his supervision. Nonetheless, they sit and relax and let him handle the packing process all by himself. Although this irritates him, he still packs the bags diligently.

As Jerome continues with his packing session, his friends silently watch him do all the work. Soon, Harris reminds him of the shoes and Jerome reopens the bag to make some space for it. Suddenly, Jerome is unsure if he has packed his toothbrush or not. So, he again unpacks the luggage bag just to find the toothbrush inside one of his boots and repacks the bag again. Soon after, George queries Jerome about the soap, but he gets irritated, ignores the comment and packs his bag regardless. However, he reopens his bag as his spectacles were locked inside the bag. Finally, he slams his bag shut and concludes his packing session at 10.05 p.m.

As the food hampers were left to be done, George and Harris start packing to show Jerome the art of packing by consuming less time. However, even they are caught up in an awkward situation when they break a cup into pieces. Further, Harris squashes the tomatoes while packing the strawberry jam and George walks on the butter and ends up smashing the pies by packing it at the bottom of the hamper. Besides, the salt is spread all over the things and the hamper packing ends up in a messy state. After much chaos, they finally try to put all the things together systematically.

To their dismay, their pet dog, Montmorency creates nuisance and worsens things. He sits on those items which were meant to be packed and puts his leg into the jam and crushes the lemons like rats. Harris accuses Jerome of creating all the mess by the pet. However, Jerome says that Montmorency was born with this natural instinct of cluttering things everywhere. Finally, after much muddling, the packing ends at around 12:50 a.m. After a prolonged and tiring packing session, the friends decide to take some rest before they set out on their journey the next morning. As they head to bed, George asks about what time he should awake his friends. Harris says seven o’clock, while Jerome maintains six. They split their difference and agree to wake up at 6.30 a.m. and finally go off to sleep.

Conclusion of Packing

The chapter – Packing teaches students how packing can indeed be a tiring task if not done properly. Moreover, when done with friends, it may become a little messy and time-consuming but it has its own charm and fun. Here, we brought you this CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Prose Summary of Packing that we hope has helped students to get a detailed insight of the chapter. BYJU’S offers other resources such as CBSE Notes and CBSE study material and students can access the question papers of different years and CBSE sample papers. For more interesting informational content, they can download BYJU’S: The Learning App and explore a huge array of valuable resources.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 English: Packing

What is a packaging industry?

Packaging is the world’s third largest industry following the food industry and energy and the only industry that has to do with every single product produced in an economy.

What are steps to pack any object?

1. Pack things in a compact way 2. Pack in teams to reduce time 3. Pack neatly and in a presentable manner

Can packing be a tiring job?

Yes, packing can turn out to be a monotoneous and tiring job.

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