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Summary of The Accidental Tourist

Chapter 9 of the Class 9 English Supplementary Reader – Moments, consists of a prose – The Accidental Tourist, which reflects the humorous travel experiences of the author. He encounters unexpected hassles while travelling that calls for trouble and embarrasses him immensely. Read the prose summary of CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – The Accidental Tourist in CBSE English Notes Class 9 format here to explore in detail. We hope this summary will help students to understand this chapter easily and prepare for their English exam with confidence.

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CBSE Class 9 English The Accidental Tourist Summary

The Accidental Tourist is an entertaining story written by Bill Bryson where he reflects on his travel experiences humorously. He casually describes the various incidents that took place while he was travelling to different places. He often acts clumsily and finds it difficult to manage his things systematically. He wonders how other people do their regular work easily without any difficulty. A couple of times, he failed to locate the washroom in the movie theatre and ends up standing in a narrow passage of the door that locks by itself. He has a hard time living a normal life like other people and wonders how others do it so effortlessly.

Once the author was travelling to England with his family during Easter. After reaching at Logan Airport in Boston while they were checking in, he abruptly remembers that he had joined the British Airways’ frequent flyer programme. He recollected that he had put the card in the carry-on bag that was dangling around his neck. When he tried opening the bag, the zip was clogged and he exerted pressure to open it. In the process, the zip snapped and everything that was kept inside the bag started spilling all over the place. Meanwhile, the author also noticed that his finger was injured and trapped in the zip. He was terrified at the sight that his finger was bleeding extensively.

Further, the author mentions the unexpected troubles that he encounters while travelling. In one such instance while travelling in an aeroplane, he leaned over to tie his shoelace. Unfortunately, he was stuck when the person sitting ahead of him fully reclined his seat. With great difficulty, he freed himself from that cramped position. On another instance, he spilled some soft drink on his co-passenger. Although the flight attendant cleaned up the mess, the author spilled another drink on the same passenger again. The lady was completely drenched and annoyed at the author for the inconvenience caused to her.

However, his worst experience in a flight was when he was writing in a notebook and he sucked on the tip of the pen. At that time he was also talking to a lady. Later when he went to the washroom, he saw that the pen had leaked unknowingly and ended up colouring his teeth, tongue and mouth in blue colour ink. He ended up feeling awkward for being so clumsy. Although the author is a gentleman, he always ends up in some cumbersome situation. His wife was well aware of his clumsiness. So, whenever food was delivered in the flight, she would instruct her children to remove the lid off the food for their father so that they can avoid any mishap from happening.

Nonetheless, the author clarifies that such unforeseen situations occur particularly when he is travelling with his family. Whenever he travels alone, things work perfectly as he quietly sits on his seat and avoids tying his shoelaces if required. He avoids making mistakes while he is travelling on his own. He admits that he has been careless in updating his frequent flyer card due to time constraint. On multiple occasions, he either forgot to request the air miles from the airlines authorities or sometimes the airline didn’t record it on time. Furthermore, he mentions that there were instances when the airline informed him that he was not entitled to use air miles. Once due to a mismatch in his name on the ticket, he could not use his air miles and was left ineligible to travel to Bali on a first class ticket.

Conclusion of The Accidental Tourist

The chapter – The Accidental Tourist teaches students that it is important to be organised and systematic in our lives, especially while travelling. We should be well-prepared otherwise we are likely to encounter unexpected mishaps like the author. Here, we brought you the CBSE Class 9 English Moments Prose Summary of The Accidental Tourist that will help students to have a solid insight of the chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 English: The Accidental Tourist

Why is it important for a student to be organised in life?

For students, being organised is particularly important since it helps them learn how to prioritise activities, set and achieve goals and reduce stress.

How should one be conscious and aware during travel?

1. Don’t drink bottled water from unknown shops/people2. Avoid the tourist trap locations.3. Travel in off season.4. Choose proper accommodation.

What is the meaning of ‘Unforeseen situation’?

Any situation that is not anticipated or expected is called as an ‘Unforeseen situation’.

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