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Summary of The Adventures of Toto

Chapter 2 of the Class 9 English Supplementary Reader – Moments, consists of a prose – The Adventures of Toto which is a story about a monkey named Toto bought by the narrator’s Grandfather. This story highlights the antics of a mischievous monkey. Class 9 students can read the prose summary of CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – The Adventures of Toto in CBSE English Notes Class 9 format here. We hope this summary will help students to get a detailed understanding of the chapter and refer to it while gearing up for their exams.

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CBSE Class 9 English The Adventures of Toto Summary

The Adventures of Toto is an amusing story written by Ruskin Bond. This story features the antics of a naughty monkey named ‘Toto’. The narrator’s Grandfather was very fond of animals. One day, he bought a small baby monkey from a tonga-driver for a sum of five rupees. Grandfather had a collection of many animals in his private zoo such as a tortoise, a tiny squirrel, a pair of rabbits and a pet goat. Toto was a new addition to the group.

Toto was a cute little monkey with sparkling eyes and was very mischievous by nature. He had pearl-white teeth and had a long tail that served as his third hand. The narrator’s Grandmother was not so fond of animals, so Grandfather decided to keep Toto in a secret place. He kept the baby monkey in the narrator’s little closet in his bedroom and tied Toto to a peg fastened to the wall. Being a mischievous monkey, Toto created nuisance from the first day itself. He spoilt the ornamental wallpaper, damaged the peg and tore the narrator’s blazer into pieces. Seeing all this mischief, Grandfather realised that Toto was a smart animal.

Soon, Toto was transferred to a huge cage and kept him where the servants stayed along with Grandfather’s other animals who lived together amiably. But the monkey had a troublesome nature and created nuisance for the other pets. So, when Grandfather had to travel to Saharanpur to collect his pension, he secretly took Toto along with him. He packed the monkey in a big black canvas kit-bag, so that the animal could not come out of it. However, he jumped and rolled inside the bag on the floors of Dehradun railway station.

However, when Grandfather reached Saharanpur, Toto peeped out of the bag and smiled at the ticket-collector at the railway station, who charged Grandfather a fare of three rupees for carrying a ‘dog’. Grandfather argued that Toto was not a dog, but he still paid the fare. He had his pet tortoise along with him for which the ticket-collector didn’t charge anything.

Finally, Toto was accepted by Grandmother. Soon after that, Grandfather shifted him to a comfortable place in the stable along with his family donkey, Nana. But Toto would always tease Nana and they never became friends. Toto created a lot of nuisances wherever he went. He enjoyed taking hot water baths during winter. At one instance, he almost boiled himself alive when he jumped in a huge kitchen kettle that was kept on the fire for making tea. When Grandmother saw this, she quickly rescued and saved him from getting burnt.

As days passed, Toto’s mischiefs went on increasing when he tore clothes into pieces and broke utensils in the house. One day, Toto was having pullao from a large dish during lunch-time kept on the dining table. When Grandmother saw this, she screamed and another woman came forward. Toto splashed water on the face of that woman. When Grandmother came closer, Toto took the pullao plate and jumped into the branches of a jackfruit tree. He purposely threw the plate from the tree that broke it into many pieces.

Meanwhile, everyone in the family was very annoyed with Toto’s mischievous traits. It was becoming difficult to manage him as his menace increased by the day. With a heavy heart, Grandfather decided to give away Toto to the tonga-driver and sold him for three rupees only.

Conclusion of The Adventures of Toto

The chapter – The Adventures of Toto illustrates the lesson to students that one must behave responsibly in a congenial environment and should not create nuisance and become intolerable to others. Here, we brought you the CBSE Class 9 English Moments Prose Summary of The Adventures of Toto that will help 9th standard students to have a thorough understanding of the chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 English: The Adventures of Toto

Why are the works of Ruskin Bond still famous?

Ruskin Bond is an eminent contemporary Indian writer of British descent. He authored inspiring children’s books and was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award to honor his work of literature.

Why is it important to behave appropriately according to the place situable?

Proper behaviour and social etiquettes are few of the main bases for judgement of a person’s overall character. Improper attitude and misconduct only showcase a person’s wrong side.

Who was ‘Toto’ in this story?

Toto’ was the name of a naughty pet monkey in this story.

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