CBSE Question Paper For Class 8

Download CBSE class 8 Maths and Sciecne Question Papers

Solving as many sample question papers for class 8 students is equally important as preparing every unit of class 8 Science and Mathematics. Practicing model question papers make you well aware of the pattern and style of the question paper that can be asked in the exam.

Getting familiar with the sample paper for class 8 gives you an idea of the marks weightage and allotment for particular question and number of times it has appeared.

Practicing as many CBSE sample papers and CBSE question papers for class 8, the more you are eligible to score well and obtain impressive aggregates of all the subjects.

The Central Board of Secondary Education issues model question papers for class 8 every year and we bring you set of previous year solved papers that include class 8 Mathematics and Class 8 Science syllabus.

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If the dipole moment of CH3F is 1.847 D, the dipole moment of CD3F will be