CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 10 New Empires and Kingdoms Important Questions

From Chapter 10, New Empires and Kingdoms of CBSE Class 6 History students get to learn about King Samudragupta, Genealogies, How the Kingdoms were administered and so on. CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 10 New Empires and Kingdoms Important Questions were also formed based on the key concepts, thus making it easier for the students to revise the entire Chapter most proficiently. Students can solve these important questions for practice and score high marks in the exam.

Given below in this article is the link to download the PDF format of the CBSE Class 6 Important Questions of Chapter 10 History. Students can start accessing these questions to prepare for the exam.

Download CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 10 New Empires and Kingdoms Important Questions PDF

New Empires and Kingdoms

1. Harishena composed a prashasti in praise of Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni. True or False?

2. Mention three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana.

3. What changes do you find in the army at this time?

4. What were the new administrative arrangements during this period?

5. Do you think ordinary people would have read and understood the prashastis? Give reasons for your answer.

6. What is Prashasti?

7. Who is Samudragupta?

8. Whose body was most charming, being covered with the plenteous beauty of the marks of hundreds of scars caused by battle-axes, arrows, spikes, spears, barbed darts, swords, iron clubs, javelins, barbed arrows, long arrows and many other weapons. Who is this description about? What does this description tell you about the king? And also about how kings fought wars?

9. What was the difference between the way in which Samudragupta treated the rulers of Aryavarta and Dakshinapatha? Can you suggest any reasons for this difference?

10. Arrange these titles in order of importance: raja, maharaj-adhiraja, maha-raja.

11. Who is Harshavardhana? What is Harshacharita?

12. Write a short note about the Pallavas and Chalukyas?

13. What do you know about Aihole?

14. Who was Pulakeshin II?

15. Who were the other rulers who tried to control the coasts and why?

16. How were these kingdoms administered?

17. What do you think may have been the advantages and disadvantages of having hereditary officers?

18. What do genealogies mean?

19. Write a brief note about the assemblies in the Southern Kingdoms.

20. Mention the changes in the army after the Gupta period.

21.Name the capital of Pallavas and Chalukyas.
(a) Agra
(b) Kanchipuram
(c) Delhi
(d) Lucknow

22. Who was the composer of Prayag Prashasti?
(a) Kalidasa
(b) Harisena
(c) Ravikirti
(d) None of the above



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