CBSE Class 9 Political Science Chapter 5 Democratic Rights Important Questions

Even the most properly elected rulers working through the established institutional process must learn not to cross some limits. Citizens’ democratic rights set those limits in a democracy. Chapter 5 of CBSE Class 9 Political Science deals with this concept. The chapter begins by discussing some real-life cases to imagine what it means to live without rights. This further leads to a discussion on what is meant by Rights. Here, we have compiled the CBSE Class 9 Political Science Chapter 5 Democratic Rights Important Questions covering the critical topics of the chapter.

CBSE Class 9 Social Science Important questions give an idea of questions that can be framed in an examination. Students are likely to score more for the exams if they practice these chapter-wise Important Questions regularly. Find below the link to access the PDF format of the CBSE Class 9 Important Questions for this chapter of Social Science.

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Democratic Rights

1. Write a note on the Citizen’s Right In Saudi Arabia.

2. Write about Amnesty International. Explain the details collected by them about the condition of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

3. What is the Ethnic massacre in Kosovo? Explain.

4. Write about cultural and educational rights.

5. Write a memorandum on behalf of women in Saudi Arabia to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

6. What are Rights? Explain.

7. Define the Right to Constitutional Remedies.

8. Why do we need Rights In a Democracy?

9. Our Constitution provides for six Fundamental Rights. Can you recall these? What exactly do these rights mean for an ordinary citizen?

10. What are the restrictions imposed on the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to Indian citizens?

11. The government of India banned Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses on the ground that it was disrespectful to Prophet Mohammed and was likely to hurt the feelings of the Muslim community. Is this case an instance of violation of the right to freedom? If yes, which constitutional provision does this violate?

12. Write a note on the National Human Rights Commission.

13. Do you agree that India is a Secular Country? Justify your answer with reasons.

14. Manoj went to a college to apply for admission into an MBA course. The clerk refused to take his application and said “You, the son of a sweeper, wish to be a manager! Has anyone done this job in your community? Go to the municipality office and apply for a sweeper’s position”. Which of Manoj’s fundamental rights are being violated in this instance? Spell these out in a letter from Manoj to the district collector.

15. Write a press release by a human rights organisation.

16. Elaborate on the rights recognised by the International Covenant.

17. Explain the Rule of Law.

18. Abolition of untouchability. Name the Fundamental Right under which the following right falls.

19. Giving rights is good, but it is not necessary for a democracy. Is this statement about the relationship between democracy and rights more valid? Justify your answer with reason.

20. Thousands of tribals and other forest dwellers gathered at Piparia in Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh to protest against their proposed displacement from the Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. They argue that such a displacement is an attack on their livelihood and beliefs. The government claims that their displacement is essential for the development of the area and for protection of wildlife. Write a petition on behalf of the forest dwellers to the NHRC, a response from the government and a report of the NHRC on this matter

21. What is the rule of law? Justify the statement that the rule of law prevails in India.

22.  Define the public interest litigation.

23. Write a short note on the Right to Freedom of Religion.



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