CBSE to Modify The Rules for Affiliation

CBSE Affiliation

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) wants to keep an eye on education being turned commercial and would put a cap on the maximum fees to be charged to schools affiliated with it. A CBSE committee might provide the guidelines regarding this in the coming month.  The main agenda of the committee, among various other reasons, is to dent the commercialization of education.

Cap to be placed on Fees

As per some sources, there would be discussions on putting a cap on fees charged by CBSE schools owing to the pressure on parents around the country regarding school fee hikes for the past few years.  The CBSE has been considering this for the past few years.

The CBSE chairman was of the opinion that the board would be framing the bye-laws in tandem with policies of the central government that would ensure a better quality of education and monitoring of rules.

The officials from the CBSE side stated that the CBSE schools have to create facilities in schools that would aid children with disabilities and are framing rules, unlike in the past when students lacked facilities in this regard.


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