Chemistry Paper Analysis for CBSE Class 12 Exam

The CBSE class XII exam for chemistry was held recently.  The majority of students were anxious about whether they had performed well according to their capacity. As per the feedback received from teachers and students, the questions were challenging but certainly could be cleared without much difficulty. Certain questions according to them were tricky to some extent while the students have a go through them at first which would later prove to be an easy paper to attempt.

About the intensity of toughness of the exam paper

It is quite understandable that most students naturally would have felt anxious before the exam as a little bit of preparation would have made the average student confident about his/her preparation.  The chemistry paper looked attemptable and easy to score. For students it was not just a matter of how to pass the exam but to score above 95 per cent seemed like an uphill task owing to some thought provoking questions which also seemed attemptable if one has a calm mind and necessary patience.

Paper Shortcomings

Certain questions were quite tricky. Even though the questions looked difficult from the outside, it was certainly an attemptable one once students read through them properly.

Positives of the question paper

The major plus point of the question paper was the fact that most questions were the ones practiced by students themselves before the exam. The calculations were quite easy for numerical questions which really were a time saver. Questions were mostly of direct type and answers were to the point.

Number of expected questions

From the feedback received from students and tutors, the number of expected questions was around 75 per cent. Those students who had practiced with the past five year question papers would have solved the paper quite easily. Most of them were the repetition of the previous year question papers.

Analysis of the question paper

There were a total of 26 questions for the chemistry paper for 2016-17

One Mark – 5 Questions (very short answer questions)

Two Marks – 5 Questions (short answer questions)

Three Marks – 12 Questions (short answer questions)

Four Marks – 1 Question (value based question)

Five Marks – 3 Question (Long answer questions)

One and Two Mark questions were much easier as the students were able to attempt these 10 questions attemptable.

Three Mark questions were time consuming but they were certainly clearable.

Five Marks questions which were three in number had come with some options but puzzled certain students for sure.

All in all this question paper was much easier and questions were drawn straight from NCERT books.

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