CBSE Schools Not Following The Board Directive On Fees Structure

CBSE had earlier ordered to its affiliated schools to disclose their fee structure and some other mandatory details on the latter’s websites and in spite of this, a majority of schools have failed to comply with this directive as per a survey report. Parents of students from Mumbai (nearly 63 percent) alleged that the schools have not displayed the necessary details like the fee structure and infrastructure details on their portals.

The survey was conducted by a platform for citizen engagement named Local Circles with the aim to find how many schools have complied with the CBSE directive of sending the fee structure details to the board and displaying the same on the school websites.

The directive issued earlier was aimed at bringing the parents, students, board and investors at the same level when it comes to transparency on school facilities. The directive was issued only after most citizens (around 89 percent) demanded on a survey that schools should disclose their fees structure.

The CBSE directive had asked schools to publish the break-up of fees structure like admission fees, building funds and development charges, monthly fees in addition to the management and infrastructure details with the extension of deadline from the month of November to December 15.

Approximately around 37 percent schools had only complied with the displaying the fee details completely on their portal. A minimum 25 percent of parents had claimed that the schools where their children had studied did not have a properly functioning website.

The percentage of noncompliant schools were the highest in Faridabad with a 100 percent succeeded by Hyderabad (88 percent) and Delhi at the bottom with 57 percent.

Finally, the most interesting fact from the media reports is that out of 18,000 schools 14,000 of them had submitted their fees structure to the CBSE board but are reluctant to display the details on their websites.

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