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Most students are unaware of CGPA, due to which they face difficulty in calculating their percentage. To help them, we created this page that will help them to know about CGPA and how the CGPA calculator works and how to calculate CGPA. So, let’s first start by understanding what a CGPA is. CGPA is defined as the Cumulative Grade Points Average. CGPA is the average of grade points obtained by a student in all the subjects, excluding the 6th additional subject. The Central Board of Secondary Education announced the CBSE result for Classes 10 and 12 in the form of CGPA. Also, the CGPS is mentioned in the report card of the students.

Know about the CPGA Calculator by directly clicking on the link below.

If a student wants to know how much percentage they have obtained in the board exam, then they have to convert their CGPA into Percentage. Here, we have explained the complete method of how to calculate the CGPA and percentage from the CGPA Grades. The CGPA Calculator will help students calculate their marks percentage from  CGPA. Knowing the percentage will also help students to get admission into college and get jobs further. In the interview and shortlisting process, class 10 and 12 percentages play an important role.

CGPA Calculator

Although the CGPA is mentioned on the report card, many students do not know how to calculate CGPA. Here, we have explained how to calculate CGPA with the help of an example. It will help students to understand how CBSE CGPA Calculator works.

How to Calculate CGPA from Marks in CBSE

We have mentioned the process of how calculating CGPA from marks in CBSE. To do so, add the grade points for the five main subjects. For example, your grade points for the five main subjects are as mentioned below:

Subject Grade Points (GP)
Subject 1 9
Subject 2 8
Subject 3 7
Subject 4 8
Subject 5 8
Total 40
CGPA 40/5 = 8
  • Step 1: Add the grade points i.e 9+8+7+8+8 = 40
  • Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e 40/5 = 8
  • Thus, your CGPA is 8.0

With the help of this example, students must have got to know how to calculate CGPA.

Grade Table

After knowing how to calculate CGPA from Marks in CBSE, students can also calculate the subject-wise indicative percentage of marks. They just have to multiply the Grade points of a subject by 9.5. The table below will help students calculate their CGPA.

Grade Grade Points (GP) Marks Range Percentage
A1 10 91-100 95%
A2 9 81-90 85.5%
B1 8 71-80 76%
B2 7 61-70 66.5%
C1 6 51-60 57%
C2 5 41-50 47.5%
D 4 33-40 38%
E1 Fail 21-32 Eligible for Improvement Exam
E2 Fail 00-20 Eligible for Improvement Exam

CGPA to Percentage Calculator

It is equally important to know the result in terms of percentage. So, here we have provided the steps on how to calculate the percentage from CGPA. The CGPA calculator will help in doing so.

To convert the CGPA to Percentage, multiply your CGPS by 9.5. As in the above example, the CGPA obtained was 8.0. So, the percentage for it will be 76%, as shown below.

8.0×9.5 = 76%

Merits and Demerits of CGPA

Let us now look in detail merits and demerits of CGPA in education, where it is used as an inevitable tool for assessing a student’s performance in school life.

Merits of CGPA

  • Students can measure their strengths and weaknesses, and they can work on it.
  • The CGPA decreases the pressure of getting high marks as the actual marks are not mentioned in the report cards.

Demerits of CGPA

  • The CGPA doesn’t show the accurate performance of the students.
  • Due to the grading system, children tend to perform less because they know they will achieve the targeted grade even by committing a few mistakes.

The grading system fails to show the accurate performance of the students. We can only get to know about the grade achieved by students instead of the actual ability of the student.

We hope students have found this information on the “CBSE CGPA Calculator” useful. Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on CBSE and other competitive exams. Download the BYJU’S App and subscribe to the YouTube channel to access interactive Maths and Science videos.


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